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How to get there and where to stay.



Mulu National Park is accessible by air from Miri, Limbang or Marudi. Flights leave Miri daily at 8:40 & 10:10am and 3:00pm and cost around $US 60. The daily flight form Marudi leaves at 09:20 and costs around $US 40. The flights are by small airplanes with limited seats so advance booking is advised. The nearest airfield is around 2km from the park but longboats will meet the planes to take you to your accommodation or the park HQ.

It can also be reached by boat from Miri along the Baram, Tutoh and Melanau rivers. However no regular scheduled boat service exists so, if you wish to use form of transport, you are advised to liaise with a local tour agency (see contacts section) who will be happy to arrange this for you. The journey involves many parts and will take all day to complete. It will cost around $US 40.


Leaving the park

Return flights to Miri leave the Parks airfield daily at 11:00am and 2:10 & 3:50pm. Return by boat should be arranged through the Park's HQ during your stay.



If you visit the park as part of a tour group you will most likely stay in one of the tour group cabins just up river from the HQ. If you are an independent traveller, accommodation can be found adjacent to the HQ. The options are:

1. The hostel which has dormitory beds available.

2. Chalets (non-air con) which have six beds to a room. The entire room can be rented for around $US50 per night.

3. Chalets (with air con) which have four beds to a room.

The tour operator lodges also occasionally have spare beds, which they will allow independent travellers to use for a nominal charge.

The Park HQ has a cafe (open 8am to 8pm) for a fair range of basic meals. Alternatively, eat at the tour operator’s lodges where better food can be obtained at a higher price.

It is recommended, although not essential, that you book your accommodation before arriving at the park since during peek season accommodation can be limited.


Other IMPORTANT information.

Upon arrival at the park, you must report to the Park HQ and, if you haven't already done so, obtain your permits. At the time of writing, 3 permits are required to visit Mulu National Park. One from the from the National Parks office itself, one from the residents office and the last is a police clearance permit. The tour operator will obtain all these if you are on an organised tour. If you are an independent traveller, these may be obtained from either the National Park offices in Miri or the Park HQ upon arrival. The latter is the most reliable option.

Remember to bring sensible clothing and footwear (to visit the show caves, good walking boots are essential). Also recommended is a large water bottle, flashlight, high-energy snacks, insect repellant, basic first aid kit (including headache tablets), and don't forget your camera.

Guides are mandatory for visits to the caves, although these are relatively cheap and easy to come by. Guides can be arranged at the park HQ.