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About me & other things (yes, the boring part):

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Hi, my name is Mike and I am 35 year old Railway Civil Engineer currently working in the UK, although until recently I was working as an 'ex-pat' in Malaysia on a major railway infrastructure project. For those of you not too sure of where or what Malaysia is, a short geography lesson follows.

Malaysia consists of two land masses, Peninsular Malaysia (the main part) in the West and East Malaysia (not surprisingly to the East). Peninsular Malaysia lies between Singapore to the South and Thailand to the North with it's West coast bordering the Malacca Straits and on it's East coast, the warm waters of the South China Sea gently lap. (to be continued.....)




My hobbies include rock climbing, caving, the cinema, the Internet (of course) and the links below are intended to reflect this..

Below are a number of places on the web that I think are worth a visit either because they're useful or because they are just fun. Because the number of links has grown to such an extent that it was becomming difficult to browes them easily, I have catogorized them into suitable groupings and have provided (at no extra cost) the navigation bar below to aid you. (Actually, there aren't that many links but I just liked the idea of the navigation bar!)

Outdoor pursuits T.V. & Cinema Malaysia Newspapers & Magazines Computing People Web resources The unknown


Outdoor pursuits:
UK Climbing
All you need to know about climbing in the UK.
The caves of East Malaysia (currently under construction)
All about one of the most extensive cave systems in the world.
The British Cave Research Assoication
Developments in the caving scene.
Council of Southern Caving Clubs
For information about caving in the South of England.
Mendip Newspage
The current goings on in one the the largest caving areas in the South of England.
Andy Sparrow Caving Services
Need help in arranging a forthcoming caving trip, or just need some advice. If this man dosen't know the answer, then probably no one does.
Virtual cave.
Unable to go caving in person. Try the next best thing (almost).


TV and Cinema:

The Internet Movie Database
The ultimate reference guide to the movies.
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC)homepage
British TV at it's best ???



The Malaysian Tourism Office
A good starting point for exploring Malaysia.
Bangsar Entertainment
Where the 'ex-pats' hang out in KL.


Newspapers and magazines:

Electronic Telegraph
A good guide to what's happening in the world.
Private Eye online
For a satirical look at the world.
Blackwell Bookshops
Finding it hard to get a copy of your desired book? Try here.
Waterstones Bookshops
Another good UK bookshop chain.
The British Library
The ultimate book site .



Leapfrog Labs Homepage
A good place to look for test results of computer hardware.
Get your own Home page, like me.



Lyndia Carter as Wonder Women
A good fun site dedicated to Wonder Women which includes sound as well.
Sandra Bullock Links
All you could need (or want) to know about Sandra Bullock.
Terri Hatcher Web Ring
A good starting point for pages concering Terri Hatcher.


Web Resources

The Graphics Station.
All the Web graphics you could even want.
Make your own animated GIF
Ever wondered how animated GIF's are made. Visit here to find out.


The Unknown (also known as miscellanious, but fun)

Earth and moon viewer
Great user defined satellite views of the earth and moon .
Foreign Exchange rates
A useful currency converter.
If you've been to Malaysia or Singapour you probably know what an SPG is, if not visit here.
The Visable Human project
Probably onr of the most extensive research programs into the human body.
One of the most informative pages on the web.


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