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The Mulu Cave List

Cave Name. Discovered. Extended. Length.(1) Open to public.
Beachcomber cave. 1981      
Benarat cavens. 1978 1981 >8km 3b to 3e (SRT/rope work)
Black Rock cave.     25km 3c to 3e (SRT) * #
Blue Moonlight Bay cave. 1981      
Camp cave. 1981      
Cave of the winds. 1978 1981   Show cave
Compendium cave. 1981      
Cobra cave. 1984     3d (SRT) *
Cobweb cave     15km 3c to 3e * #
Clearwater cave. 1978 1981/1984/1990 >100km Show cave (2)
Daniel's cave. 1984      
Deer cave. 1978   > 2km Show cave (2)
Deer Water cave. 1978   900m 3b
Disappointment cave. 1981      
Drunken Forest Cave. 1984   1.3km 3b
Gawai cave. 1984      
Green cave. 1978   3.5km 3d (SRT)
Good Luck Cave. 1981   2.9km 3c (swiming)
Imperial cave. 1978      
Lang's cave. 1984   125m Show cave
Prediction cave. 1978      
Sakai's cave. 1981   1.2km  
Simon's cave 1990   4.5km 3b to 3d (SRT)
Snake cave. 1978      
Surface cave. 1984      
Terikan River cave. 1978   7km 3b to 3d #
Tiger Back cave. 1984   2.5km  
Turtle cave. 1981      
Wonder cave. 1978      
1 Approximate length measured on plan.
2 Also contains considerable passage beyond the show cave section which is open to the public at the time of writing..
3 Adventure cave:
3a Easy cave.
3b Some difficult sections, but can be completed without special equipment.
3c A difficult cave requiring reasonable fitness, and route finding abilities. Some hazardous sections.
3d Technically difficult cave requiring specalist equipment (eg SRT equipment). Difficult route finding.
3e very difficult cave requiring specalist equipment, high level of fitness and technical ability. Very difficult route finding.


* = Experianced cavers only.

# = By prior arrangement only.